Baltimore Cathecism

by Rev. Thomas L. Kinkead

Table of Contents

An Explanation Of The Baltimore Catechism



Lesson 1
On the End of Man

Lesson 2
On God and His Perfections

Lesson 3
On the Unity and Trinity of God

Lesson 4
On Creation

Lesson 5
On Our First Parents and the Fall

Lesson 6
On Sin and Its Kinds

Lesson 7
On the Incarnation and Redemption

Lesson 8
On Our Lord's Passion,Death,
Resurrection and Ascension

Lesson 9
On the Holy Ghost
and His Descent upon the Apostles

Lesson 10
On the Effects of the Redemption

Lesson 11
On the Church

Lesson 12
On the Attributes
and Marks of the Church

Lesson 13
On the Sacraments in General

Lesson 14
On Baptism

Lesson 15
On Confirmation

Lesson 16
On the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Ghost

Lesson 17
On the Sacrament of Penance

Lesson 18
On Contrition

Lesson 19
On Confession

Lesson 20
On the Manner of Making a Good Confession

Lesson 21
On Indulgences

Lesson 22
On the Holy Eucharist

Lesson 23
On the Ends for which the
Holy Eucharist Was Instituted

Lesson 24
On the Sacrifice of the Mass

Lesson 25
On Extreme Unction and Holy Orders

Lesson 26
On Matrimony

Lesson 27
On the Sacramentals

Lesson 28
On Prayer

Lesson 29
On the Commandments of God

Lesson 30
On the First Commandment

Lesson 31
The First Commandment
On the Honor and Invocation of the Saints

Lesson 32
From the Second to the Fourth Commandment

Lesson 33
From the Fourth to the Seventh Commandment

Lesson 34
From the Seventh to the Tenth Commandment

Lesson 35
On the First and Second
Commandments of the Church

Lesson 36
On the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth
Commandments of theChurch

Lesson 37
On the Last Judgment and Resurrection,
Hell, Purgatory and Heaven